Effective Search Engine Optimisation

In a big city like London were the competition for customers is hectic to say the least, generating a steady flow of customers to your website will cost an arm and a leg if you use paid advertising methods like pay per click (ppc). This is probably why most businesses particularly small and medium sized business focus their marketing strategies on organic methods like SEO.

It’s a long term strategy unlike using paid methods. If it is value for money¬†that you are after then there is no contest, optimisation wins hands down. The art of generating organic natural traffic to your website or social property is in essence very simple but to win the battle for first page rankings in the search engines for a competitive keyword will require a little more knowledge, especially if you are a local business.

We all know now you don’t need website to start building a customer base as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have made reaching out so much easier. However it is seen as a nuisance rather than an opportunity because of the time it takes to build and engage in a conversation with your customers. There are tricks and tips that you can follow that can make the whole process painless, and that is to get yourself an expert in search engine optimisation.

There are good local keywords that your business can take advantage of right now with the help of a London SEO consultant if you live in the UK. If you do get one, don’t go cheap. Think about it for a moment, there are only 10 spots on the first page of the search engines and only 7 in the Google 7 pack listing. Now, think about the number of local businesses in a city like London. Can you see why cheap SEO just does not cut it? They will all be trying to get to the same position like you.

It’s not a difficult process to find a professional service that delivers your goal. if it is customers you are after then you want to be in the right place, and that is the first page of Google. To totally dominate your competition, you have to be on the first page consistently and that can only be done by top class SEO service. The national services cost money, too much so go with a local service that is familiar with your city.



Mobile Madness

It’s coming, mobile mania is taking over and if you run a business then you need to take advantage of it. From April 2015, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then you may start to see your rankings fall. A simple search will reveal a test tool you can use to check if your website is mobile-friendly. If you do use WordPress and have a responsive theme, you will need to check if it is mobile-friendly too.
The best approach for small firms is to have a responsive design, so one website that performs on both desktop and mobile. However, you can have a separate mobile site that converts better than a responsive designed website. Speak to your SEO guy and make sure they have implemented that change before this date. If you want convince than go with a responsive design, but if you favour conversion then go with the separate mobile site.

Fees for a mobile site will range from $350 to $1,000 just for the set-up, and it is likely you will also have to pay monthly maintenance fees. We may have the option for a one-off payment, but that would mean you will have to maintain your site yourself.